Rep. Ken Kerr


District HD-003B
Party Democrat
Bills Introduced 12

Sponsored Legislation

Title: Maryland Horse Industry Board - Breeding Stables and Horse Establishments - Definitions

Session: Maryland 2020 Regular Session

Number: HB-9

Subjects: Agriculture, Administrative Agencies, Animals, Commerce And Business, Committees And Commissions, Construction, Data, Disabilities, Elderly Persons, Electronic Communication


85% Democrat support
14% Republican support

Title: Labor and Employment - Wage History and Wage Range

Session: Maryland 2020 Regular Session

Number: HB-123

Subjects: Private Sector Labor And Industry, Civil Actions, Commerce And Business, Damages, Discrimination, Employment Agencies, Fines, Labor And Industry, Division Of, Penalties And Sentences, Salaries And Compensation


100% Democrat support

Title: Higher Education - State Payments to Private Institutions - Unserved Student Populations

Session: Maryland 2020 Regular Session

Number: HB-167

Subjects: Higher Education, Community Colleges, Commuters, Education, Fees, Residency, State Aid, State Universities And Colleges, Students, Tuition


100% Democrat support

Title: Education - High School Teachers Teaching Dual Enrollment Courses - Qualifications

Session: Maryland 2020 Regular Session

Number: HB-147

Subjects: Primary And Secondary Education, Higher Education, Counties, Education, Boards Of, Education, Teachers


100% Democrat support

Title: Agriculture - Cost-Sharing Program - Sale of Harvested Cover Crops

Session: Maryland 2020 Regular Session

Number: HB-156

Subjects: Agriculture, Environment, Alcoholic Beverages - Statewide Bills, Alcoholic Beverages Licenses, Alcoholic Beverages Manufacturing, Commerce And Business, Farmland, Soil Conservation


60% Democrat support
40% Republican support

Title: Southern Maryland Rapid Transit Project - Requirements and Funding

Session: Maryland 2020 Regular Session

Number: HB-205

Subjects: Transportation - Generally, Operating Budget, Appropriations, Budget And Management, Department Of, Charles County, Environmental Matters, Governor, Mass Transit, Prince George's County, Railroads


100% Democrat support

Title: Unaccompanied Minors in Need of Shelter and Supportive Services

Session: Maryland 2020 Regular Session

Number: HB-206

Subjects: Children, Family Law, Economic And Community Development, Child Abuse And Neglect, Criminal Background Investigations, Education, Ex-offenders, Housing And Community Development, Department Of, Housing, Indigent Persons


82% Democrat support
17% Republican support

Title: Cemeteries - Perpetual Care - Distribution From Perpetual Care Trust Fund

Session: Maryland 2020 Regular Session

Number: HB-243

Subjects: Business Regulation And Occupations, Cemeteries, Estates And Trusts, Estate Tax, Fees, Interest, Investments, Notices, Prices, Revenue And Taxes


36% Republican support
63% Democrat support

Title: Criminal Law – Assault in the First Degree – Strangulation

Session: Maryland 2020 Regular Session

Number: HB-233

Subjects: Criminal Law - Substantive Crimes, Assault, Crimes And Punishments, Penalties And Sentences


47% Republican support
52% Democrat support

Title: Public Safety - Task Force on Missing Persons

Session: Maryland 2020 Regular Session

Number: HB-301

Subjects: Public Safety, Attorney General, Committees And Commissions, Natural Resources, Department Of, Public Officials, Public Safety And Correctional Services, Department Of, Reports, State Police, Department Of, Sunset


100% Democrat support