Rep. Eleanor Norton


District HD-DC
Party Democrat
Bills Introduced 186

Sponsored Legislation

Title: Protecting Data at the Border Act

Session: US Congress 2017-2018 115th Congress

Number: HB-1899

Subjects: Immigration, Border Security And Unlawful Immigration, Computers And Information Technology, Congressional Oversight, Criminal Investigation, Prosecution, Interrogation, Department Of Homeland Security, Digital Media, Evidence And Witnesses, Government Information And Archives, Immigration Status And Procedures


96% Democrat support
4% Republican support

Title: College for All Act of 2017

Session: US Congress 2017-2018 115th Congress

Number: HB-1880

Subjects: Education, Education Of The Disadvantaged, Education Programs Funding, Government Lending And Loan Guarantees, Higher Education, Indian Social And Development Programs, Interest, Dividends, Interest Rates, Minority Education, Student Aid And College Costs, Teaching, Teachers, Curricula


100% Democrat support

Title: To amend title XVIII of the Social Security Act to improve access to, and utilization of, bone mass measurement benefits under part B of the Medicare program by establishing a minimum payment amount under such part for bone mass measurement.

Session: US Congress 2017-2018 115th Congress

Number: HB-1898

Subjects: Health, Medical Tests And Diagnostic Methods, Medicare, Musculoskeletal And Skin Diseases, Women's Health


62% Republican support
37% Democrat support

Title: Udall-Eisenhower Arctic Wilderness Act

Session: US Congress 2017-2018 115th Congress

Number: HB-1889

Subjects: Public Lands And Natural Resources, Alaska, Arctic And Polar Regions, Wilderness And Natural Areas, Wildlife Refuges, Wild Rivers, Habitats, Wildlife Conservation And Habitat Protection


97% Democrat support
2% Republican support

Title: Police Training and Independent Review Act of 2017

Session: US Congress 2017-2018 115th Congress

Number: HB-1870

Subjects: Crime And Law Enforcement, Criminal Investigation, Prosecution, Interrogation, Disability And Health-based Discrimination, Disability And Paralysis, Government Employee Pay, Benefits, Personnel Management, Law Enforcement Administration And Funding, Law Enforcement Officers, Mental Health, Racial And Ethnic Relations


100% Democrat support

Title: Prohibiting Detention of Youth Status Offenders Act of 2017

Session: US Congress 2017-2018 115th Congress

Number: HB-1885

Subjects: Crime And Law Enforcement, Child Safety And Welfare, Correctional Facilities And Imprisonment, Criminal Procedure And Sentencing, Detention Of Persons, Juvenile Crime And Gang Violence


100% Democrat support

Title: Treat and Reduce Obesity Act of 2017

Session: US Congress 2017-2018 115th Congress

Number: HB-1953

Subjects: Health, Health Promotion And Preventive Care, Medicare, Mental Health, Nutrition And Diet, Physical Fitness And Lifestyle, Prescription Drugs


38% Republican support
61% Democrat support

Title: Expressing the sense of Congress that until the conclusion of the FBI's criminal and counterintelligence investigations into the nature of the Russian connection to the Trump campaign, the Trump Administration is acting under a "gray cloud" of the appearance of a conflict of interest, and, as such, should refrain from taking any actions or making any changes to United States policy that could be seen as benefitting President Putin or his inner circle.

Session: US Congress 2017-2018 115th Congress

Number: HCR-47

Subjects: International Affairs, Alliances, Criminal Investigation, Prosecution, Interrogation, Diplomacy, Foreign Officials, Americans Abroad, Elections, Voting, Political Campaign Regulation, Federal Officials, Government Ethics And Transparency, Public Corruption, Intelligence Activities, Surveillance, Classified Information, Presidential Administrations, Presidents And Presidential Powers, Vice Presidents


100% Democrat support

Title: Corporate EXIT Fairness Act Corporate EXpatriates and Inverters Tax Fairness Act

Session: US Congress 2017-2018 115th Congress

Number: HB-1931

Subjects: Taxation, Administrative Law And Regulatory Procedures, Corporate Finance And Management, Department Of The Treasury, Foreign And International Corporations, Income Tax Rates, Securities, Taxation Of Foreign Income


100% Democrat support

Title: Campus Accountability and Safety Act

Session: US Congress 2017-2018 115th Congress

Number: HB-1949

Subjects: Education, Administrative Remedies, Assault And Harassment Offenses, Civil Actions And Liability, Congressional Oversight, Crime Prevention, Crime Victims, Crimes Against Women, Criminal Investigation, Prosecution, Interrogation, Criminal Justice Information And Records


87% Democrat support
12% Republican support