Sen. Malcolm Augustine


District SD-047
Party Democrat
Bills Introduced 9

Sponsored Legislation

Title: Consumer Protection - Mobile Home Purchasers

Session: Maryland 2020 Regular Session

Number: SB-155

Subjects: Commercial Law - Consumer Protection, Financial Institutions, Abandoned Property, Consumer Protection, Credit, Debt Collection, Disclosure, Ethics, Eviction, Financial Regulation, Division Of


83% Democrat support
16% Republican support

Title: Crimes - Hate Crimes - Use of an Item or a Symbol to Threaten or Intimidate

Session: Maryland 2020 Regular Session

Number: SB-161

Subjects: Criminal Law - Substantive Crimes, Crimes And Punishments, Discrimination, Harassment, Penalties And Sentences, Threats


90% Democrat support
9% Republican support

Title: Labor and Employment - Wage History and Wage Range

Session: Maryland 2020 Regular Session

Number: SB-217

Subjects: Private Sector Labor And Industry, Civil Actions, Commerce And Business, Damages, Discrimination, Employment Agencies, Fines, Labor And Industry, Division Of, Penalties And Sentences, Salaries And Compensation


100% Democrat support

Title: Business Regulation - Flavored Tobacco Products - Prohibition

Session: Maryland 2020 Regular Session

Number: SB-233

Subjects: Business Regulation And Occupations, Advertising, Cigarettes, Commerce And Business, Consumer Protection, Disclosure, Drugs, Emergency Bills, Equipment, Fines


100% Democrat support

Title: Toll Roads, Highways, and Bridges - County Government Consent Requirement - Expansion

Session: Maryland 2020 Regular Session

Number: SB-229

Subjects: Transportation - Highways, Administrative Agencies, Bridges And Tunnels, Communications, Construction, Counties, Fees, Highways, Voting


100% Democrat support

Title: Procurement - Prevailing Wage - Applicability

Session: Maryland 2020 Regular Session

Number: SB-232

Subjects: State Government - Procurement, Construction, Contracts, Local Government Mandates, Procurement, Public Buildings And Facilities, Salaries And Compensation, Work, Labor And Employment


100% Democrat support

Title: State Finance and Procurement - Prohibited Appropriations - Magnetic Levitation Transportation System

Session: Maryland 2020 Regular Session

Number: SB-253

Subjects: Transportation - Generally, State Government - Agencies, Offices, And Officials, Administrative Agencies, Appropriations, Construction, Industry And Technology, Licenses, Mass Transit, Procurement, Railroads


100% Democrat support

Title: Income Tax Subtraction Modification – Correctional Officers, Law Enforcement Officers, and Fire, Rescue, and Emergency Services Personnel (Hometown Heroes Act)

Session: Maryland 2020 Regular Session

Number: SB-269

Subjects: Taxes - Income, Age, Correctional Officers, Emergency Services, Emergency Services, Exemptions, Fire Protection, Fire Protection, Income Tax, Law Enforcement


31% Democrat support
68% Republican support

Title: Maryland Arts Capital Grant Program

Session: Maryland 2020 Regular Session

Number: SB-287

Subjects: Economic And Community Development, Operating Budget, Appropriations, Art, Music And Cultural Affairs, Budgets, Committees And Commissions, Community Development, Community Facilities And Services, Contracts, Counties


76% Democrat support
23% Republican support

Title: Corporate Tax Fairness Act of 2020

Session: Maryland 2020 Regular Session

Number: SB-311

Subjects: Taxes - Income, Comptroller, Corporations, Foreign Trade, Franchise Tax, Income Tax, Interest, Penalties And Sentences, Personal Property, Real Property


100% Democrat support