85R10139 JCD-D     By: Muñoz, Jr. H.R. No. 764       R E S O L U T I O N          WHEREAS, Sandra Rodriguez, the dean of instruction for   Mission High School, has been presented with a Yellow Rose of Texas   award by Governor Greg Abbott; and          WHEREAS, The highest civic honor given to women in the Lone   Star State, the Yellow Rose of Texas recognizes individuals who   demonstrate outstanding service to their communities; and          WHEREAS, Sandra Rodriguez grew up in a family of migrant farm   laborers; she began working in the fields at age nine, but through   her determination and the encouragement of her parents, she went on   to pursue a career in education; over the years, she has held   various positions as a teacher, strategist, assistant principal,   and coordinator in addition to her present role as dean of   instruction; she has invested countless hours into providing   training and staff development opportunities for her colleagues,   with the larger goal of helping students build a strong foundation   for future success; and          WHEREAS, Sandra Rodriguez has distinguished herself through   the passion and expertise that she brings to her professional   endeavors, and she is indeed worthy of recognition for her many   outstanding contributions to public education; now, therefore, be   it          RESOLVED, That the House of Representatives of the 85th Texas   Legislature hereby congratulate Sandra Rodriguez on her receipt of   a Yellow Rose of Texas award from Governor Greg Abbott and extend to   her sincere best wishes for continued success in her important   work; and, be it further          RESOLVED, That an official copy of this resolution be   prepared for Ms. Rodriguez as an expression of high regard by the   Texas House of Representatives.